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There are many trucks !

Today, I visited to a glave for my father's memorial day.

Oh, why there were many trucks ?

So it wasn't delibery trucks, but heavy trucks,

They passed the road not to be wide so much.

I don't look heavy trucks on Sunday.

I thought, they had many work because It's rainy and a big wind in a few days.

Otherwise, it's inefficiently that they pass the road on Sunday to be many people and cars.

Well, thanks for working of truck drivers.

It's heavy rains !

Well, when I watch the weather forcast of the rain radar, I think "it will stop raining as this ?" but a red rain appears in the rain radar suddenly and it rains most, so it repeats.

Like this, I'm just difficult when to go out.

There is the area that a red rain stay all the time, I hope that there isn't a disaster anywhere.

Actually, today is the forcast of a heavy rain, so there is a little people to be going to go out.

There isn't more news because today is Saturday, I'm worry that a information is late.

I wish there isn't a disaster anywhere !

I'll overcome !

I ordered this book.



Well, it's the earliest talking about me !?

But this book is on my mind ,so I buy this.

What's more, my family has been very difficurt to overcome 79 years old.

My grandmother on mother's side has said ”Be careful when you overcome 9 years old.”

And I'll be just solo - life in the future in this moment.

I'm earlier menopause than others, so I'll learn to "be just old."

Well, my mother of late stage elderly try to overcome 80 years old, I think this.


OK, let's read !

Very hot !

When I watched the temperature, it wasn't so much.

It rained for a hour in the morning, so it's very humid and I'm difficurt now.

I had a little headache after shopping in the noon, and this is a first heatstroke in this summer. isn't this ?

I ate Takuan to get a solt.

Well, I'll buy Goreisan for a heatstroke.

But it doesn't enough to turn on an airconditioner in my room.

My room is through the air.

And if I get used to be in cool early, I'm sure to be the summer heat soon.

By the way, the summer is early, isn't it ?

The writting desk just arived !

Well, the writting desk arived !



My note is sticking out, so it because of the lower desk.

I want to buy a big desk and a big writting desk someday !

but, if i do it, I need to move my work room.


And, the new desk also arived.

I feel good to using PC with this.

I hope my stiff neck is good.

It was more rainy day.

There wasn't more rainy in my hometown because it was a distance from a heavy rain.

But there were heavy rains in Saga and Kumamoto, my hometown was a little distance from it.

Well, the rainy season is so that.

And, it was in Kaboshima that it was most heavy rain.

I think that the rainy season in this year is like this, and some doesn't rain and others rain more.

The rainy season is just getting started, and actually it has be later.

I hope not to be under the water in this year !

I bought it right away.

I seek and order a writting desk that I said yesterday right away.

Well, there are many kind of writting desks because it's popular.

Actually, I don't have a big desk that the writting desk of the big size is set, so I choose the small size.

I understand that it's good to choose the big size, I have no choise for the problem of setting place.

If I'll get a big working desk, I want to buy good thing again.


By the way, I want to buy PC monitor.

Because the monitor that I use now is the thing to be before the bluelight and so on.

Moreover It's a reasonable monitor when I can't use more good, so do you realize its function ?

I think "it's OK to use now" when I bought PC, but I change my mind "it isn't OK."

However, I don't intend to buy at DELL, so it may be good.

Well, since I buy it, I choose the monitor of EIZO.

The pose of PC work seems to be vallued especially in EIZO, I feel good to change high and angle.

It's expensive, well I think not to scrimp the work tool usually.

Well, I hope that a stiff neck gets better !